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TELTONIKA terminals for transport monitoring.

Today I will describe how you can use TELTONIKA terminals for monitoring transport. For both personal and commercial use. Although it is in the commercial sector that monitoring of transport quickly pays off. To begin with, monitoring using GPS GLONASS devices is a control of the operation parameters, few equipment can interfere directly with the operation of the machine. So the TELTONIKA terminal can perform a lock operation of the engine.

Or de-energize the operation of individual power supply networks of the car, in order to prevent the car from moving. As experience shows, over the past two years, there have been no cases of theft of a car using a tow truck. Now there are a lot of cameras, and the tow truck is a very expensive and dangerous tool. I will describe just an example of working with TELTONIKA terminals FMB 920, FMB 130, FMB 202 and what they are very similar to. These models FMB920, FMB130, FMB202 have differences and advantages among themselves. Such as increasing features and security according to the IP specification.

So FMB202 has the maximum that the imagination of the layman and requests for commercial transport is capable of and the maximum reliability for IP67. All the presented hardware is supported by many servers including our own for our customers, we are ready to offer ready-made equipment or reinstall and reconfigure already purchased by them. The first and simplest thing that a satellite terminal from TELTONIKA can control is the speed and route, mileage. In terms of speed, we can control driver overruns and violations. To collect statistics. In addition to collecting statistics, you can assess the risks of accidents. Knowing the route and the waybill, you can check the optimal way to follow, or the warrior has freebies. Also, the driver's use of the car for personal purposes.

By mileage, you can calculate the most important parameter for a commercial company, such as fuel consumption. It is by mileage that you can calculate fuel consumption. Unfortunately, the manufacturer gives low figures, and the machine consumes more. And the driver overstates the expense. Therefore, counting fuel consumption by mileage is not an accurate matter. Due to this, the driver can use schemes to steal fuel from the car. It is also difficult to control the refueling past the tank. Depending on the terminal, they have a different number of DIN or AIN inputs and DOUT outputs. It is with the help of DIN and AIN inputs that you can get information about the state of the car, and with the help of DOUT using a five-contact relay to block the vehicle. Also, using the relay, you can do several work options, the relay is made for normally closed and normally open. Depending on the purpose, you can use different points of starting the engine. So, using SMS or GPRS commands from the monitoring server, you can send commands to prohibit starting the engine or allow starting the engine. In order to manage the outputs, read the instructions below about the “setdigout " command.

Using the DIN and AIN inputs, you can get data about the state of the car, door, hood, sensors, as well as get data from analog sensors in the car. Only you will have to calibrate the sensor, which requires patience and understanding of the case. And installation of sensors professionalism and understanding of the case and the rules for configuring incoming data to the server. For our customers, we provide ready-made time-tested settings and installation, the complexity of installation depends on the brand of the car and its class.

Terminals of the FMB line have from one DIN or AIN sensor, which makes it easy to set up the ignition sensor, and already use it to count the engine hours. It is the combination of the GPS GLONASS mileage and the ignition sensor readings that can give a more or less real picture of fuel consumption, although there is a danger of fuel fraud. Therefore, setting fuel control only for these parameters is a waste of resources. A much more accurate system is the installation of special sensors, in particular analog or digital ones. Or connecting to the car's CAN bus. This increases the chances of reducing visible costs and preventing fuel theft. Since more accurate sensors can be installed on commercial vehicles, the measurement error is up to 1%, which allows very precise control of fuel consumption.

To detect plum. But such sensors are not suitable for passenger cars, they use either connection to the standard sensor, or reading data from the CAN bus of the car. These are more complex tasks that a person with a one-time installation can't handle. in this case, you need to contact the relevant companies. Both working with some individual sensors and relays requires some knowledge. Moreover, it is very rare to find installation maps on machines. Therefore, installing with your own hands is the most difficult thing, since you can do more harm than good. Also, for working with terminals, it will be useful to study the possibilities of creating an additional immobilizer and a smart lock system based on two five-contact normally closed relays. I hope these tips will be useful to you and help you choose the best equipment for your needs. You can ask your questions, buy equipment, or rent our server by contacting us by phone or email specified on the site.

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