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Use of monitoring systems on a passenger car.

For frequent our clients who are individuals don't understand why to them monitoring of transport by car, they put the alarm system. In fact, everyone thinks that the alarm will somehow protect them from theft or unauthorized use of their car.

In fact, this may be so, but this is true only for alarms that cost more than 26,000 rubles in 2018, plus here will be the installation. And not the fact that it will be high quality.For individuals, we offer a universal offer, which is the minimum price policy and the most functional. The system includes equipment and sensors, in addition to monitoring the transport, we provide customers with the status of the machine around the clock, so you'll know the location of the vehicle around the clock. Data on the on-Board voltage and even if you steal the battery, you will know when – it will happen. Opening the car doors. Ignition and remotely lock the engine or other vehicle control units.

Record towing or evacuation of the vehicle. And you used that big Parking lot you forget where you parked? Now with the GLONASS GPS GMS monitoring system this will not happen. The system provides a remote engine lock, which will complicate the theft of the vehicle, and while the hijacker will understand that blocks the car, you will have time to react and prevent theft or scare the hijacker.

For ease of control, we have a service with which you can work through an Internet browser on a PC or follow online through a mobile application. For convenience, notifications about the status of the machine have been integrated into" Viber "and" Telegram", as they can be duplicated by e-mail and SMS.

The cost of monthly maintenance is only 300 rubles per month, it includes the use of server capacity and SIM card traffic. Just not high and the cost of equipment: satellite GNSS GPS GMS tracker with built-in reinforced antennas only 4.500 rubles, sensors 700 rubles and the installation of 1500 rubles. The cost of installation depends on the complexity of the installation, for cars more than 1.200.000 rubles it will be more expensive, depending on the difficult electronics used on Board the car.

As well as an additional service we can offer the installation of a key to identify the owner of the car, make it as a secret button. Activation of the ignition with an additional key. With our service you will always know where your car is.

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