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Installation of transport monitoring systems for agricultural machinery.

We have over five years experience in installations of systems of monitoring of transport in Russia. And we are expanding the range of services. For example, remote control of fuel consumption in machinery and enterprise.

Our specialists install fuel level sensors on tractors, combine harvesters and other equipment to control the consumption of diesel fuel. The system allows you to control fuel consumption, and prevent theft of fuel in the enterprise and reduce the cost of maintaining the fleet. For tractors, trucks, harvesters can not only watch online on the server, but remotely through a mobile application that is installed on IOS or Android. For convenience, events come to e-mail, SMS. For the convenience of our customers we have invested in integration of servers with VIBER or TELEGRAM. Now our customers can receive only important information in a convenient way. The system of round-the-clock control of fuel consumption allows you to monitor the real fuel consumption of agricultural machinery, as well as to prevent theft and fraud. For frequent at the enterprise plums of diesel fuel are not rare, the system helps to find them. All fuel consumption sensors have certificates of conformity. You will be able not only to find not pure on hand of the employee, but also motivated to dismiss him and to keep from him the caused damage to the enterprise. Just do not get more to cheat with cash receipts and fuel cards. Also, if you are not sure about your fuel supplier, you can check how much fuel you fill the tanker. At higher fuel consumption, will be able to determine that the fuel wasn't high quality and to take action. Control the misuse of transport by employees. The fuel control system can be installed in both fuel tanks and stationary tanks. We have installed fuel level sensors in the fuel tank, which allowed us to compare how much fuel left the tank and how much came to the fuel tank of the combine. Since these are rather bulky machines, it is easier to fill them on the field at work. By installing a fuel consumption monitoring system you can solve many problems with fuel consumption control and suppression of theft of diesel fuel. Since the fuel is quite liquid goods, its theft is a tangible loss for the enterprise. The use of equipment for personal purposes is also monitored. So if the tractor driver wants to earn extra money on clearing the land or clearing snow. The system will show where and how the work was carried out. Works perfectly this decision to the transport companies. Also with the help of the system it is easier to control the logistics and performance of employees. An employee works best if he knows he's being watched. The offered equipment of the European production allows to control parameters of work of vehicles, tractors, excavators, combine harvesters. And manage electronic components. Read data not only from analog sensors, but also from digital ones. Increasing the impact of field workers. Monitor the activity of additional devices on the machine and their operating time. For trucks, we have a service for the installation of load measuring instruments on the axle of the truck. Which help to avoid large fines for overload and damage to roads. You can install a monitoring system of transport in our installation centers in Togliatti, Samara, Kazan and other cities of Russia. To order or check out to install you. We offer convenient solutions for monitoring transport in Russia.

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